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An Armenian Community Excursion: the Mysterious Oriental Church, and Authentic Gourmet

(中文版: 亞美尼亞社區小旅行:來自東方的神祕教會,以及令人驚豔的美食 ) "Soorp, soorp, soorp." This means "Holy, holy, holy" in Armenian. I visited an Armenian church last Sunday morning. What makes the Armenian church (officially known as the "Armenian Apostolic Church") special is not just the language and culture -- historically speaking, Armenian church itself is a very special "denomination", which has be separated from the mainstream Christian church since the 5th century. The separation results in some very unique traditions that you don't see in other parts of Christianity. The service started on time at 10am with only 20 people, in a sanctuary that fits at least 200. More people arrived gradually after the service began. Since it was during the Lent, all the splendid icons in front were veiled by a huge black curtain. Almost every word said during the service -- from the priest's calling to the congregation's response -- was "scripted" in