Reflection on my resolutions of 2014

Here are the resolutions I posted on Facebook an hour before the beginning of 2014:
  • Be a godly leader, directing people toward God and growing in spirit with others.
  • Be a gentle and understanding man, sensitive and responsive to the needs of others.
  • Be a praying person. First carry everything to God in prayer.
  • Skills to learn and to improve: public speaking, writing, swimming, Spanish
  • Things to do: put together piano accompaniment tutorials; travel a lot
  • Places to go: all the national parks in California; at least one non-English-speaking country

Now it's February already. How much did I accomplish so far?
  • In prayer, bible reading and sharing with Christian friends, God has revealed more and more sins of mine, but also shown me the way to go. The first three are not something one can attain in a few days or months, but thankfully I can see how God has been breaking me and guiding me toward the right direction.
  • When determining to visit all the national parks in California, I wasn't aware that many of them are closed until May. I didn't get any of them during the first month of 2014, but did visit three national monuments and one national park in Arizona.
  • The rest didn't progress quite well. Have been finishing up graduate school application and arranging my dad's trip. I should kick them off soon.
An additional reminder from today's bible study:

Then Barak said to her, “If you will go with me, then I will go; but if you will not go with me, I will not go." (Judges 4:8)

What a scandal of man! This man was supposed to be the leader, and God had promised to grant him success. Nonetheless, he sought help from a prophetess and almost committed his life in her hands. Being a leader is already a very hard lesson for every man (given the fact that most Christian women are so talented and intelligent these days), but that's not yet the biggest challenge. The challenge is: are we obedient to the Great Leader above and diligently following Him?